Free initial consultation for company founders

with Ms Mag.(FH) Natalie Enzinger or Ms Mag. Sandra Rühmer

A consultation (max. 1 hour) is free and unbinding for both parties.

Note: The free initial consultation applies only to company founders. The tax consultation in connection with the following is for example not included

  • Income from renting and leasing
  • Income from capital assets
  • Income in conjuction with crypto assets

Please contact us for an appointment:
Tel-Nr. +43 (0)316 838 734,

„We are looking forward to our meeting!”

The consultation includes, amongst other things
  • Discussion of your business plan (if available): Business ideas, visions & goals, selection of legal structure, location, market and competition, positioning, marketing plan, financial planning, opportunities and risks
  • Business registration: When do I have to register a business? Who is the authority responsible? What are the requirements?
  • Social Insurance for Trade and Industry: When am I compulsory insured and when do I have to report my activity to the Social Insurance for Trade and Industry? What are the exceptions for compulsory insurance? What forms do I have to fill out? What are the costs for social insurance?
  • Tax office and tax: When do I have to report my corporate activity to the tax office? What forms do I have to fill out? Laws and duties towards the tax authorities? What is my tax burden?
  • Implementation accounting: How do I have to manage my books and records? Receipt processing? How much does bookkeeping cost me?
  • Employees (if available): Are there requirements for employees? How does much an employee cost me? Organisation, process and cost of personnel accounting?
  • Requirements check: What are the requirements for my company? What documentation has to be presented to the funding body?