Personal Accounting in Graz

Personal accounting in Graz

Income tax and social security are complicated, sensitive and cost-intensive corporate duties with a high liability risk. The external allocation of income and wage accounting is not only practical precisely for small and medium-sized businesses, but rather it is also economically advisable.

We will provide you with a comprehensive service. This includes all tasks from the accounting of wages and salaries to punctual payment.

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Our areas of activity
  • Ongoing wage and payroll accounting
  • Advice on labour and social security questions
  • Advice on structuring wage and payroll payments
  • Advice on preparing service contracts
  • Registration and deregistration with the Regional Health Insurance Fund
  • Overtime accounting
  • Calculation of the monthly salary charges
  • Processing of monthly payment of salary charges
  • Preparing the GKK reports and contribution statements
  • Assistance with GPLA audits
  • Calculation of remuneration for public holidays, annual leave and sickness
  • Checking travel expenses