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Steuererklärung für kleine EPUs
inkl. 20% MwSt.
  • Pauschallösung für Kleinunternehmer
  • nur wenige Details notwendig
  • Einfach Belege und Unterlagen hochladen
  • Pauschalpreis für deine Steuererklärung
  • die richtige Lösung für alle Kleinunternehmer ohne große Betriebsausgaben

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In our firm conviction that everyone can make a contribution to environmental protection, we have set ourselves high standards as a CO2-neutral company. With a clear focus on sustainability and environmental awareness, we shape our daily work and inspire our employees to act responsibly for a better future.

As a CO2-neutral company, we voluntarily meet high standards to protect our environment. It is very important to us to take the issue of sustainability and the environment into account in our day-to-day work and to make various processes as environmentally friendly as possible. It is also important to us to anchor the topic in the mindset of our employees so that they also act as role models outside the office and pay attention to their carbon footprint.

At Enzinger Steuerberatung, for example, we rely entirely on green electricity, avoid paper consumption by handling various processes digitally and try to replace business trips with online meetings as much as possible.

We also support national and international climate protection as part of a combined project.

With our regional project, we promote the Karwendel Nature Park. The initiative is committed to preserving or restoring natural habitats and adapting them to climatic changes.

Our international project supports the installation of PV solar panels in the three Indian states of Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra to harness the power of the sun to produce renewable energy.

Our CO2 neutrality has been tested and verified by TÜV Süd according to the international standard PAS 2060.

Here you can download our Qualifiying Explanatory Statement.

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