Lump-sum Taxation

Tax return for small sole traders
  • Flat-rate solution for small businesses
  • Only a few details necessary
  • Simply upload receipts and documents
  • Flat rate for your tax return
  • The right solution for all small businesses without large operating expenses
including 20 % VAT.


This service, priced at a fixed rate of €800.00, is specifically tailored for entrepreneurs who are eligible for lump-sum taxation (=Kleinunternehmerpauschalierung § 17 Abs 3a EStG) in their tax return and have minimal operating expenses!

We only need few details from you (such as your annual turnover) to determine if this service suits your needs.

If you’re unsure, click on our Taxmate in the bottom right corner and answer a few questions!

The following services are included:

  • Preparation of your tax return
  • Submitting your tax return and managing dealings with the tax office
  • Addressing questions in connection with your tax return with our tax specialists

Not included:

Customers are entitled to statutory warranty rights.

Why do I need to undergo identity verification (KYC)?
Why is this fixed-rate service available only for specific businesses?
What if I'm unsure if this service is the right one for me, even after answering Taxmate's questions?
I've ordered and paid for the service "Lump-sum Taxation" - what's next?

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